Everything is better
with cake

Almondy’s mission is to spread happiness worldwide – everyday. This was our starting point when given the opportunity to rebrand the Swedish bakery from the ground up. The journey encompassed everything from a new logotype and visual identity to strategic brand and communication platforms, driven by the message that everything is better with cake.

Almondy Bakery


Brand Strategy

Visual identity

Communication strategy

Campaign & activation

Love is more luscious. Overtime is no time.  Even Mondays are better.

Positioning a happy brand

Almondy is all about spreading joy, fun and happiness with cakes. This strong personality was the foundation when developing their communication concept Everything is better with cake. 

With this new messaging, Almondy wants to let cake take its rightful place as a social and engaging everyday snack, along with chocolate bites, cheese, sweets, or chips. Why wouldn't an Almondy cake be the perfect treat on a date, movie night, or at a work meeting on a Tuesday afternoon? The taste, the size and the sharing makes it ideal for enjoying everyday life, rather than just birthdays or holidays.

From now on Almondy will keep showing their audiences that everything is truly better with cake. Mondays are fun days. Love is more luscious. Overtime is no time. See? Everything is better with cake.

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