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Estrella is Sweden’s leading chips brand and enabler of easy and delicious hangouts with friends and family. The Bond and Estrella go way back and have done everything from implementing communication strategies to launching a gazillion new products. We are all convinced that by encouraging togetherness – and share snacks – life improves.



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Making you long for summer with friends at the West Coast – and premium chips.

Just in time for summer we remind quality chips lovers about Estrella’s premium range “Västkustchips”: locally grown potatoes, sliced a little thicker and deep fried in small batches. This is as crispy as it gets. Estrella’s origin is in Gothenburg on the West Coast. It’s only natural that a premium product film highlights their roots. This is a tribute to coastal beauty, having fun with friends and doing all the things you long for the rest of the year.

Marketing director at Estrella, Sofi Randén nails it:
“Summer is near and many of us long for wonderful days with friends. With this film, we want to show the magic that arises here on the West Coast this time of year, and at the same time encourage people to meet over a bag of chips. It does not have to be more complicated than that.”

Snack democracy is for everyone

Chips are truly engaging! Everyone has a favourite flavour, but also strong opinions about what flavours are missing. This insight was the starting point during election year 2022. So, Estrella launched “The Chips election”, a flavour competition where anyone could nominate their dream flavour. Then, in the spirit of democracy, the people of Sweden were invited to vote, and the majority decided the winner. The result of the campaign was overwhelming. Nearly 60,000 people submitted over 90,000 taste suggestions, which 111,542 people voted for. "Brown butter and chili" was elected the yummy winner and becomes a regular part of the Estrella range.

Super crunchy news

Launching new products is important for every producer of fast-moving consumer goods. We focus on raising the awareness of the new product, making it look tasty and create a desire to try the new snack out. The launch of the super cheesy Super Crunch was no exception. Get the pack shot top of mind, tickle some taste buds and make people remember Estrella when they enter the snacks aisle in the store – all in 2-6 seconds. No problem.

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