There's a reason
we're called The Bond.

Our agency was founded in 2014, Gothenburg, by Martin Ahlgren and Malin Zetterlund. First, there was just the two of them. They shared space with a collective of creatives and two was a crowd in the attic kitchen. Those were the days. Business was good, though. Today, we’re a team of more than twenty people. Strategists and storytellers, creatives and developers.

We were convinced that brand success could only be earned through strong relationships. From agency to partner, from brand to customer. These were the dots connected by The Bond, right from the start. Commitment became our beating heart and the result is outstanding and long-lasting brands.

This remains our single task, really. To create success and fame for you. Our business model is evergreen, because our partnerships are forged in strong connections that leave the world around us in better shape. That's real value for you, because it's real for your customers. Which is why they'll keep coming back to your business, through rain or sunshine, year after year.