The Bond was crowned Agency of the year 2019. While we’re not much for bragging, two things make us especially proud over this award. First, it’s based on Scandinavia’s largest study of the communications industry. Second, and more importantly, it’s all down to how customers rate their agencies. And we won in our category. The win hasn’t made us high-and-mighty, though. We’re not like that. If anything, we’re even more committed to remain a trustworthy, smart and curious partner —and keep growing brands and people.

We believe in the power of humans

The core belief of The Bond is to leave the world around us in better shape. And we use a non-secret formula of passion, skills, devotion and a friendly culture to make a positive impact on brands, people and society.

We build relationships that grow brands

Using strategy, positioning, storytelling and activation, we build long-lasting and meaningful relations between brands and people that create business value.
The Bond
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Bond with us

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