Positioning The Swedish Jacket Brand

The classic Swedish outdoor fashion brand Didriksons came to The Bond with one simple question: Can you help us increase brand attraction and pave the way for international growth as The Swedish Jacket Brand? Our answer was threefold: Stronger positioning, a sharper identity and a more effective communication strategy based on an emotional creative concept.




Communication strategy

Creative concept

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Brand identity

With the creative concept See you outside, we made the brand promise come alive

Setting the brand in emotion

At the core of the new communication strategy for Didriksons is a more emotional way of positioning the brand. With the creative concept See you outside, we made the brand promise come alive. The concept inspires people to seek the adventure that awaits outdoors. It also positions the Didriksons brand as the enabler, providing functional yet stylish outdoor clothing for any weather. The brand was relaunched in the autumn of 2021 with a film starring the rugged Swedish coast that shaped Didriksons. The film features the song Here in your arms, a beautiful tribute to the sea and a soundtrack to Didrikson's world, composed and performed by Swedish singer-songwriter Maia Hirasawa, who also appears in the film. For the Finding Spring campaign in 2022, we made a sequel, in which we go on a beautiful journey along the Swedish coastline in search of the returning light.

Numbers that speak for themselves

Based on the brand's 109-year Swedish heritage and the country’s rugged coast being deeply embedded in its DNA, we positioned Didriksons as The Swedish Jacket Brand. Central to the See you outside concept is creating imagery that communicates both fashion and functionality, placing models in beautiful settings close to the sea. The aim has been to attract both new and existing customers and judging by the 2021 turnover record, the strategy appears to be working. The number of visitors to the webstore has doubled and the brand has attracted 32,000 fresh followers on Instagram. New doors are opening as high-end fashion stores in Europe have chosen to carry the Didriksons brand and Germany has quickly become the largest market. So chances are you’ll see Didriksons when you go outside.

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