Communicating slowly in a fast-paced fashion world

The Swedish shoemaker Vagabond is not only famous for their strong Vagabond silhouette, but also their all day every day-shoes. By working with the same lasts and shapes over time their shoes are a natural long-lasting choice. Together with Vagabond we are telling that story, and moving the brand step by step towards brand strengthening communication.



Communication Strategy

Creative concept

Photo and Film

To encourage conscious consumption, we created the long-lived concept Make Every Step Count.

On a journey towards lower impact on the planet

Just in time for the all time high shopping craze-day, Black Friday, Vagabond released the new sustainability concept Make Every Step Count. A reminder to both producers and consumers to think twice before giving life to a new product. And when doing it, do the most to prolong its life.

On the journey, each and every step is important. From the first idea in the design studio – to the closing loop with the recycling of the shoes. We named the most essential steps ”the four C:s”: The Craft, The Choice, The Care and The Change. A way for Vagabond to share their design philosophy, hoping to inspire consumers.

Autumn / Winter 2022
Blurry objects inspired from the past

Design with traces from yesterday

Every season Vagabond Shoemakers communicates new designs and updates. You can always find traces from original models and recognize the signature Vagabond silhouette, but what you can also see, is an evolved shape challenging the past. In the AW22 campaign we let the transformation inspire us. We have created a world of mystery by combining diffuse and concrete elements in images and film as a metaphor for today’s design inspired by the past.

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