Jewellery that makes you feel good

Quality pieces of jewellery, so beautiful you'll want to wear them all the time. And so kind to your skin that you can. Together with Blomdahl we dug deep within the company heart and soul to bring forward a concept that felt contemporary and fresh but also one that was already built into the DNA of the company.




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Great looking, comfortable, and sustainably made in Sweden. Blomdahl create jewellery that makes the people who wear it feel good.

A new concept

A pioneer in medical ear and nose piercing and the market leader in Sweden, exporting to over 30 countries around the world. The hypoallergenic jewellery passionates from Halmstad had come a long way with their medical beauty approach. But to make the brand relevant for a larger audience we needed to reposition and expand beyond children and people with sensitive skin.

Feelgood jewellery for everyone

With a strong and elaborated brand platform we made Blomdahl make a u-turn in the visual approach, shifting focus to feelgood situations and a more caring tonality. All with a new fashion-forward approach. Attention to details mirrored the craftmanship and highly controlled quality process of the manufacturing, that is still in Halmstad.
Mild colors, a personal tone of voice and a new logo with a golden premium touch made the overall feeling warm, including and all about timeless beauty. Blomdahl are true experts within their field and that’s what makes it possible for them to take responsibility and genuinely care about how to best make people feel good every day.

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