A place where life can grow

Can you turn an abandoned bus depot into dream homes? Our client Sjöson thought so, and we loved the challenge. The idea was to create 172 high-end homes and build a quiet neighborhood with an aesthetic, small-scale feeling right in the lively town center of Lund. Our mission was to attract and engage potential buyers and ensure speedy sales of the modern condominiums.

Sjöson AB



Creative concept


Brand identity



Marketing strategy

Social media content and managent

A tranquil oasis in the middle of town. Aromalund is a neighborhood that truly lives up to the adage: home sweet home.

Conceptualizing a dream

Given that we entered the project early, we got the chance to define the desired living experience and set the Aromalund concept together with the architect and the real estate agent. With that in place, we used a sophisticated visual identity and premium renditions to begin telling the story of how great life in Aromalund would be.

Staying in touch with the community

Building new homes takes a long time. Residents eagerly wait for years before moving into their dream homes. And locals are curious about what’s going on in their town. We used social media for an open dialogue, launch condo concepts, and publish updates as the structure began to rise. To connect potential buyers with the real estate agent, we chiefly campaigned via Facebook and the project’s website.

Job done – way before the deadline

With all 172 condos sold more than a year before Aromalund was finalized, the project was a resounding success for everyone involved. Aromalund was a fantastic journey, and we loved every single moment. To form a vision and then see it materialize to give hundreds of people a fantastic place to live – that’s incredibly rewarding.

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