Better knowledge equals better sales

We didn’t know we did global digital e-learning platforms until our long-standing partner Bauer Hockey wanted one. Since the launch, the Bauer University has continuously trained well over 10 000 hockey retailers and staff across 30+ countries worldwide. Goal? To make the retail partners the most knowledgeable in the industry, transforming their commitment to increased brand value and sales.



Digital e-learning platform


Concept strategy

Activation strategy

Regular platform updates

It’s not just educating,
it’s empowering

An e-learning platform that builds bonds and ambassadors

The brief from Bauer Hockey was pretty hands on. Retail store staff have great influence on what, how much, and if a consumer buys. And trained staff sell for more dollars per hour worked than their co-workers in the same store.

But how could we make Bauer’s retail partners the most knowledgeable in the industry without Bauer being around physically all the time? This is where the idea behind Bauer University online e-learning platform was born.

To top this, Bauer wanted learning to be fun! So, we developed a framework that was more like a game, where you collect points for every correct answer, and eventually level up. Because hockey retail staff is as competitive as the hockey players. Winning is prestigious. Our message was: Play well and you’ll become a legend.

Today the platform offers sales training that coaches staff through different in-store situations, product training that helps them sell the right gear to the right consumer, and tutorials that guide them through different scenarios and processes. We also added access to Bauer’s product library and a Bauer glossary.

On the bottom line this was a way to make the “students” become connected to Bauer unlike any other brand. They get to know more about the brand, it’s passion for the game, and why things are made the way they are. Bauer University is not just educating, it’s empowering.

A collaboration that played out well

To develop the platform, we brought our creative team together with fellow UX experts and developers which was the key that turned it into success. Together we developed a game-like platform with an achievement system built on experience points and ranks with the main goal to go through the e-learning quiz, collect points and reach the pro-level.

We added a design that made it look like a true hockey university and together with encouraging UX-copy the experience became fun with a competitive spirit.

Over the years more than 70% of the users have reached Pro-level. This corresponds to answering 650+ product-related questions correctly and watching over 3 hours of video tutorials. Well played Bauer!

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